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CUTS: Designed to minimize pressure on the ears by distributing it to the whole face and the nose.

CURVES: The rounded design over the mouth ensures enough space for the lips to move while talking without touching the inner fabric which also minimizes odors.

FIT: Adjustable to provide a snug fit that compliments the size and shape of each individual face.

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Our signature mask design but this time it’s even more comfortable. Introducing, khadi face masks!

– 3 layered Anti-Pollution & Anti-Dust protection.
– Outer khadi that goes along with casual and formal wear, inner Melt Blown layer that ensures safety from micro-organisms and a Cotton layer on the face side that provides the comfort.
– Designed to rest on faces to provide complete coverage and comfort.
– Adjustable to ensure a snug fit.
– Reusable and washable.
– Made using soft, breathable fabric.

KHADI: Soft yet sturdy. Blends well with all outfits. Comfortable and sung, just like all ours masks.

MELT BLOWN: Scientifically proven to have filtration properties. Filters breathable air and ensures safety from foreign agents.

COTTON: Maximizes comfort. Being organic, it negates any corrosive effect other materials have on the skin.

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