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CUTS: Designed to minimize pressure on the ears by distributing it to the whole face and the nose.

CURVES: The rounded design over the mouth ensures enough space for the lips to move while talking without touching the inner fabric which also minimizes odors.

FIT: Adjustable to provide a snug fit that compliments the size and shape of each individual face.


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 A neat combination of safety and style brought together with the tusker logo of Kerala Blasters FC.

– 3 layered Anti-Pollution & Anti-Dust protection.
– Outer denim layer that goes along with casual and formal wear, inner Melt Blown layer that ensures safety from micro-organisms and a Cotton layer on the face side that provides the comfort.
– Designed to rest on faces to provide complete coverage and comfort.
– Adjustable to ensure a snug fit.
– Reusable and washable.
– Made using soft, breathable fabric.

DENIM: Offers a style and visual aesthetic that gels in with any outfit. Provides the required stiffness to hold the mask on the face with maximum comfort.

MELT BLOWN: Scientifically proven to have filtration properties. Filters breathable air and ensures safety from foreign agents.

COTTON: Maximizes comfort. Being organic, it negates any corrosive effect other materials have on the skin.


  1. joel justine

    I love the concept of kbfc mask. Too Good!!!!!1

  2. user (verified owner)

    loved the concept

  3. joel justine (verified owner)

    loved the design

  4. Jean pj

    Awesome quality awesome experience.
    Quality guaranteed.
    One special thing ive noticed is that this masks is adjustable, it gives more comfort to ears.

  5. Abdul Rahman (verified owner)

    Nice one,and the outer and inner layer is provide safety .Cotton layer on the face side that provides the comfort and
    the mask on the face with maximum comfortable .

  6. Leon Shaju

    Mindblowing quality and well made. Pretty comfortable and good looking. Perfect fit and just loved the design😘
    Good one🙌

  7. ADIL HUSSAIN PV (verified owner)

    Thank u for delivering the mask

  8. nevinchoraz (verified owner)

    Best for to buy and also the official partner of kerala blasters. Best in quality and perfect fit

  9. Ajin saji (verified owner)

    Best quality mask.

  10. Abhijith O (verified owner)

    This is one of the best masks available in the market with a sleek design and great quality. On top of everything its KBFC official mask. Great work done @gymslave .Thanks a lot for the creativity

  11. shikil321 (verified owner)

    Good product

  12. Aswin (verified owner)

    Awesome product by Gymslave for Entire Kerala blasters fans.
    Correct fit and comfort 🥰

  13. Ebin R

    It’s awesome face mask

  14. JERIL SAJU (verified owner)

    Received within 5 days of placing order.. Really caught my eyes when I was watching KBFC matches… Worth it

  15. jiithinbabu (verified owner)

    Hustle free delivery !! (Via India Post)

    Quality Product.

    #community development ( in About us) is also good initiative

    Overall shopping experience was good.

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