Being the brainchild of a few young, highly motivated and enterprising Kochi-ites, GymSlave is an up and coming athleisure and active-wear clothing brand. GymSlave as the name suggests is an obvious pointer as to how we keep fitness and health above all. With this intention, we aim to encourage the people around us to remain fit, active and healthy. What we believe makes us stand out is what we would like to call our 4 foundations.

#plastic free initiative

From the first stages of fabric manufacturing to the final step of delivering the finished product the customer’s door, GymSlave leaves the environment as it is. Not a single atom of plastic or plastic by-product is used in the processes of manufacturing, packing or delivering. All our brand awareness initiatives have had this value as the core.

#one for one

The tightly knit relationship we hold with fitness has brought us close to many
athletes; some established ones but mostly struggling. With the One for One
Campaign, we enable us to partner with these struggling athletes by sponsoring their sporting needs. A reserve from each sale we make is kept aside by us so that we may be a helping hand in their betterment and mutually find growth as the two line pattern represents.

#community development

“Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime”. This is the principle that GymSlave follows in terms of giving back to society. We employ 5 Intellectually Disabled women, involved in stitching, who are an intrinsic part of our institution. With a hopeful escalation in orders we will be aiming to increase differently abled workforce with the intention of creating sustainable livelihood for the most oppressed section of our community.

#Bemore with yellow

#Bemore with black

#Bemore with grey

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